About us

What is Ledvion and what do we strive for?

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About us

Ledvion offers a wide range of led products and luminaires. All products are tested according to the International Electrotechnical Commission’s (IEC) standardization guidelines and European guidelines. You can assume that all our products are made out of quality because of CE, TÜV-GS, EMC and RoHS certificates.

At Ledvion our goal is to strive for a complete user experience. From the moment you get the first contact with our product, till you receive the product. From packaging till the service, everything has been thought of.

What do we stand for?

Our vision is to become the biggest supplier in LED products.

Quality and professional lighting is key to our products. But to also make our products affordable for customers.

New office and warehouse!

In 2021 we moved with our office and warehouse into a new building.

With this new investment we hope to achieve a quick growth in the coming years.

Why Ledvion products?

Ledvion products are affordable, quality and professional LED products. We offer a wide range of products:

- luminaires
- Bulbs
- Floodlights
- Panels
- Smart home products
- etc.